My Opinion About The Research Paper

My thoughts about the research that we conducted about the paper and process throughout it all is that we definitely shouldn’t of been given so much time. We should of just been given a direct due date, no questions asked about it. In the world, especially in college, I think that they wouldn’t of given us so much time and would of taken points off for not getting it in on time.
I also think that with looking for the primary and secondary sources was a little harsh at times, especially for my topic on abortion and Medicaid.

I think mainly that we spent too much time on this project and that we’re repetitive with the paper and the presentation. 


What Do You See?

Look at the picture above.
What does it make you think of?

I was just surfing around on the internet the other night and accidentally came across this picture. 
It made me think of a song that I had written a while back,which I titled "Fast Lane"

"Fast Lane"

Life goes by so fast,

Like a car speeding down the road,
Leaving dust in its trail.
I’ve always wanted to grow up,
Take the fast lane for once,
Leave everything behind
Questions run through my head daily,
What do I do with my life,
How do I get there?
No one can say that they know all the answers,
Unless you have the answer key,
Which would be out of date not long after you picked it up.

Life goes by so fast,
We should all take sometime to think things through
Like a blurred image in a window,
Like the wind blowing in your face,
Don’t take life by the fast lane,
Life is not a race.

Everybody screws up in life,
No one is perfect, not even you.
Don’t try to win the race,
You know you never will.
Time is not worth fighting against
So take life by the wheel.

No one is watching so go ahead,
Take the wheel.
Make sure you have control,
Don’t give up just yet.
Step on the gas,
Hurry up , you’re almost there.
But don’t take life by the fast lane.

I really don't even remember why I wrote this song, its been about two years since I wrote it. But seeing that picture brought me back to this song. It made me think that sometimes in life, we need to let go of the past and just keep looking forward. 
We can;t let our pasts hold us back forever. As they say, "Your past is your past, its meant to be in the past."
And I vote that we should keep it that way.
In the past.


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Bandaids & Smiley Faces

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just start smiling out of no where because of a memory that you were thinking of?
 I've been doing that quite often.

Like the other day, I was on my way home and was just sitting there thinking and a random childhood memory popped up into my head. 
And oddly enough, it was about smiley faces on bandaids. 

See, when I was younger, like years ago, I used to be really clumsy. I was always scrapping my elbows,knees, arm,,leg... what ever got in the way of what I wanted to do ended up getting scrapped cut or bruised, somehow. 
I guess most would consider it normal for young kids, but those memories still stick in my head. Antibiotic ointments and peroxide became my enemies and bandaids became my friends. 

I remember the first time that I was allowed to ride my bike out on gravel. I was so excited. I took off down the alley way, thinking in my head,"This is so cool!"
There are no words to describe the way that I felt those few moments that I was actually riding my bike down the alley way.
Yes, I do mean a few seconds.
Because,it was only a few seconds before I went crashing down on the freshly laid gravel in my neighbor's driveway. 
The stinging pain I felt will always stay embedded in my mind. I remember getting up, tears streaming down my face, picking up my bike, and walking back into the yard. I wasn't crying because I was in pain, I was crying because I hadn't of succeeded in making it all the way down the alley and back. I was so determined. In fact, I almost just turned around and was going to make a second attempt but, my sister Melissa saw that I was all scraped up. She told me to go up to the house and have my aunt take care of the scrapes. 

Cue the hysterical crying because I started crying like it was the end of the world. I hated peroxide at that age. It was my enemy. 

I'll spare you the details of cleaning up the scrapes, not to mention washing down my neighbor's gravel driveway and returning their pebbles that had lodged themselves in my skin when I fell... I'll just say that it required lots of peroxide, cotton balls, antibiotic ointment, and plenty of bandaids, with smiley faces of course.

I really don't remember when she started putting smileys on the bandaids.Maybe she started it when she realized that it made me stop crying. I hate to admit it but it worked. 
She'd make a big deal about it, and every time, the smiley was different. Sometimes, they'd just be a simple smiley, or they be more elaborate with hats,tongues sticking out or they'd have weird noses. 

It might sound cheesy but I miss when things could just be fixed with a bandaid and a pen drawn smiley face. 
Now days, just to make myself smile, I'll put smiley faces on my bandaids, to remind me of those moments. 


Here's To The Memories:Looking Back and Thinking

Over this past weekend, a friend broke down to me and told me that they were afraid of loosing me. I sat there, not knowing what to say, because I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have an answer as to whether we’d be friends after high school, because both of us are going in two different directions.

Because of that moment, I’ve been thinking alot about memories lately and where I’m going to be after high school. I know that things are changing now but I don’t want to forget the old times, the good times and even the bad times, because they taught me life lessons that I don’t want to relearn again.
Making, keeping and loosing friends over the years, the fights, the long night talks, all the jokes and laughter I want to remember it all.

I’m so afraid that one day I’m going to forget it all and it’ll just be a distant memory. I want to remember these moments, as cliché as that may sound. These truly are some of the best times of our lives and I want to make the most of it.
So here’s to remembering the old times, the good times, the funny times and yes, even the bad times.


Change Is Inevitable

There’s a song that some of you may know and others may not know. Its called "Used To"-Daughtry. 

It make me think of the old times, with old friends that I’ve moved on from. I sometimes miss those days, even though they weren’t the best kind of friends that I could have had at the time.
Especially lately, I’ve been wanting that old friendship back but know that if I do actually make the initiative to get that friendship back, it’d be the worst mistake ever.
I guess I don’t like change.

All my life there has been change.
From moving house holds, to not really having any parents, to everything that’s happened with my cousin and my ex best friend in the past year, along with the friendship that I had with her, the changes that are now going on between  my cousin and one of my other friends.
Its crazy to think about how much has changed.
And how much still will change.

 I guess in time I’ll have to get used to it.

-Does anyone else have problems accepting things when they change?


From Here On

I got my first acceptance letter last night.
It feels crazy to even type that out.
Its like I'm thinking all the time now," Wow, I am a senior. I am graduating this year. And, I will be going to college next year."

Its crazy. All this financial aid stuff, signing up for ACTs and coming up with the money. I was thinking just a few minutes ago about what all I'm going to need for my apartment next year. I want to be out of school so bad. Yeah I'm going to miss my friends and the daily routine but I'm ready to be out of school.

I'm sick of having to get up every morning, get to school, learn stuff that I don't if I'll ever use,get the homework and then go home.
I just want it to be done and over with so that I can move out and get on with my life.
I've gone through 14 years of school.
14 whole years.

Its like,I'm ready. Ready to grow up, ready to move out. Be done with high school and just be free.

Are you ready to do the same?


Missing Those Summer Moments (A Few Things That I Learned)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the last summer that I had. All my life I’ve regretted summers, hated them, despised them. But this one was different. Just read the list of things below to see how much this past summer meant to me:

1.) Adults aren't always right, no matter what they think. You're entitled to your own opinion too.
2.) Taking risks are so worth it.
3.) Once you attach a smell to a memory, that same smell will always remind you of that person.
4.) Classic movies are entertaining.
5.) Freedom can be taken too far.
6.) Children are precious and deserve to be heard, no matter their age.
7.) Sometimes, in this generation, we all get too dependent on technology.
8.) If you want something bad enough, you'll make sure that you get it.
9.) Babysitting is an easy way to make money.
10.) Mosquito bits itch like heck.
11.) There’s another story behind every face...when hearing someone else's point of view.
12.) Alcohol can be a drug and also a luxury, as well as a "sedative"
13.) Flip phones can be a pain in the butt.
14.) Falling in love is easy to do
15.) Taking care of babies for hours can drive you (somewhat) insane.
16.) Sleeping on the floor is actually good for your back.
17.) Ice cream is addicting.
18.) Missing someone hurts like heck, when you can't even call them to let you know that you miss them.
19.) Honesty is best.
20.) Money doesn't grow on trees.... if only it did.
21.) Its takes little to make a person happy when they're in love with you.
22.) When all else fails, just ask. It doesn't hurt a thing.
23.) Growing up isn't easy.
24.) That for once, I don't feel like I have to obey by any certain rules.

I want to know, do you have an past summer memories that you think about all the time?